Our Story

Our Beliefs Run Deep

Cole’s Seafood is committed to bringing our customers unique, delicious fish and seafood from around the world, with a sensitivity to sustainability initiatives that will preserve our oceans, the surrounding environment and support the continued viability of global fishing communities.

We continuously develop new recipe ideas to encourage adding diverse, yet easy-to-prepare, healthy sources of alternative protein options into our customers’ daily diets.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We believe “sustainability” is based on the principle that everything humans need for survival and well-being depends on our ability to create and maintain conditions under which we coexist with nature in productive harmony. Cole’s Seafood is sensitive to both our planet and its human inhabitants by supporting the sustainability of our oceans and environment, as well supporting the sustainability of the economies of our coastal fishing communities. We accomplish this by minimizing the adverse impacts of our harvesting and processing footprint, through our participation in local and global stewardship programs. This responsible coexistence supports us today and supports future generations who will thrive because of our actions.

While we insist on best fishing practices in the harvesting and processing of our raw materials, unfortunately, not all fish and seafood species have been third-party certified to date, based on time constraints and staff resources of the multiple global certifying bodies. Cole’s buys fish and seafood certified “sustainable” and/or “good choice” by either Monterey Bay Seafood Watch®, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC®) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC®).

Our Support of Local Fishing Communities

Fishing and processing provide the bulk of local jobs in the world’s coastal communities, but overfishing, pollution and climate change continuously threaten the sustainability of these natural resources and thus the economies of these communities.

Cole’s Seafood works with local sustainability initiatives, such as Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI), which, in turn, partner with global sustainability initiatives, like Marine Stewardship Council (MSC®), to keep coastal fisheries sustainable, to protect the oceans and the environment thus maintaining strong economic and social benefits for the fishermen and their families.

In Chile, our collaboration extends to local fishing communities utilizing small boats and employing artisanal capture techniques, which involve divers or individual traps. These fishing zones are under the stewardship of local communities and oversight by the Chilean government. The management encompasses comprehensive water analysis, frequent species population studies, and the establishment of capture thresholds tailored to specific fishing territories.